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The Peak of Nothing

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I just opened an email that my master’s mentor sent to me back in February. I had asked him for some help on a course I am teaching this summer, and I was supposed to be working on it all spring. As sick as we have all been, I haven’t had a chance to do anything to it until today. I finally got a chance to open the email he sent.


It is 380 Power Point slides worth of material…the entire course. I just…if the man was here right now, I would hug him until I cracked his ribs.

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I believe I have made a terrible mistake, or I just have no confidence. Either way, not good.

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Spawn: Cuh-door. Cuh-door! (toddler-speak for “color”)

Fluffy: You want to color?

Spawn: Uh-huh!

Fluffy: Okay. What color do yo want?

Spawn: Pink!

Fluffy: We don’t have pink. I can give you red.

Spawn: Pink!

Fluffy: We don’t have pink, Buddy.

Spawn: PINK!!!!!!!

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Now that the weather is finally turning Spring-like, Spawn needs some short-sleeved T-shirts. Monday, I bought a few when buying a few blouses for myself. Last night, I took advantage of a Children’s Place sale and went berserk. This morning, while sorting laundry (and thinking about having to wash all the new clothes), I realized that, out of the 7 or 8 shirts I bought, 3 of them are orange. Ug, how? 

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You never know whose life you will impact just by taking a real interest and allowing yourself to care.

Each of us needs to know someone else cares. Each of us needs to know someone else loves us and thinks about us and worries if we got enough to eat or have a safe place to sleep. Each of needs to know someone we can call for help, even if it’s just to talk.

So, be that person to someone, because that other person needs all that just as much as you do.

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